After nearly 30 years in the game, Partner at Link Property Services, Mark Cadman gives the heads-up as to what he believes represents the perfect large scale office/ warehouse facility for both owners & tenants alike.

Maximum 55% site coverage is a must nowadays in order to future proof the building for possibly even larger vehicles( B-Triples) in some locations.  Externally a high quality finish concrete slab construction is required to attract quality tenants with an corporate image.  This will include full height glass for the office component, with residential touches on occasions (timber as an example) to provide a unique finish.  Over the years the demand for roller shutter doors vs docks has see-sawed with transportation trends, so the smartest move is an each way bet by providing plenty of both to cater for further advancements in automation technology.  With a substantial amount of product being imported to Australia, the need for docks has increased and we expect this to continue.  An external manoeuvring apron of 40 metres is seen as generous, with substantial sized awnings (of minimum 15 metres width) for all weather loading/unloading.  Importantly, truck marshalling areas are to be kept separated from on site car parking, allowing efficiency but also ticking the OH & S box which is now a priority for many organisations.  All large scale facilities have to be fire sprinklered so look closely at your cubic capacities affecting sprinkler head ratings and steer towards a springing height of 10 metres with an ESFR K25 sprinkler system.  The slab beneath all this needs to be durable enough to last the distance and hence an 8 tonne point load is now recommended.

The office accommodation too is a fast changing horizon with open plan / multi desking still in demand by many organisations.  Offices obviously must be air conditioned but no longer are carpet tiles the automatic go to – tiled or polished concrete or timber flooring can provide stunning finishes to what was once considered contemporary office space.  Cost containment is a critical factor in any business today and industrial development is stepping up to the plate with ongoing commitment to rainwater harvesting , natural light and LED lighting leading the way.

By considering these factors your next building will be well on the way to attracting a strong tenancy on a long term lease providing an optimal outcome for owner & occupier alike.