Dealing with a number of clients in a variety of industries requires a different and unique approach. The level of service always remains a top priority. This, coupled with the right advice will ensure clients benefit, whether a transaction occurs or not.

What makes the process even smoother is presentation, whether it be the condition of a building, information being provided or even personal image. Punctuality also should not be underestimated.

Stating the above can be detrimental to prospects when they are making a personal or business decision, this is where emotions come into play and if everything presents well, the prospect makes a confident and well placed decision.

As an example, a well presented property marketed for lease in a professional and meaningful way has a high chance of minimal vacancy and will most likely achieve favourable commercial terms.

Employing a reputable commercial/industrial agency to lease, sell or manage your asset who has a thorough understanding of the client’s needs will benefit the landlord or owner in so many ways, such as minimising vacancy periods, ensuring there are no gaps in communication and providing market intel throughout the marketing period.

Most importantly, an agent who understands your business and its operations is key, as I believe when you do employ an agent, you are employing him to your business temporarily.

> A knowledgeable agent who believes they will play an integral part for the company, will work his absolute best for that company <