Link Property Management currently manages over $200 million worth of commercial & industrial facilities across metropolitan Sydney on behalf of private investors and major organisations. Our portfolio ranges from single tenant facilities to multi tenanted estates.

As an independent group we are not constrained by time consuming administrative overload so as a result we are able to dedicate more time to the efficient and reliable management of your asset.

Jacqui Forker is a registered real estate agent and heads our property management operation from our Alexandria office. Services provided by Link Property Management include :

  • Preparation of owners monthly statement
  • Preparation of tenant invoices for rent and outgoings
  • Arrears management
  • Applying rent reviews and administering leases
  • Liaise with contractors in respect of property repairs and ongoing and preventative maintenance
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Common area cleaning
  • Refuse/garbage removal
  • Essential fire services
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Pest control
  • General repairs and maintenance
  • Security / access control systems
  • Gardening / landscaping

Plus any other additional services that may be required.

Condition reports before and after tenant vacating, including:-

  • Tenant make good
  • Annual outgoings reconciliation
  • On site inspections
  • Maximise the value of your property through pro-active management coupled with professional leasing and sales advice
  • Provide access to unparalleled market intelligence, from a team with over a century of relevant industry experience

Additional services we provide:-

  • financial management
  • Invoices for rent, variable outgoings, statutory outgoings and consumables are emailed mid month prior to the due date, with payment due by the first day of the month, in advance
  • Arrears management is pursued vigorously, with weekly arrears reports generated for immediate follow up
  • Variable outgoings budgets are prepared by the property manager and implemented by the end of May. Reconciliation of outgoings budgets is completed by the end of August. Copies of budgets and reconciliations are provided to the owner for their review prior to implementation.
  • Rental funds are remitted to the owner by electronic fund transfer at the end of every month or as per the owner’s direction.

trust accounting

Our comprehensive property management software, Rockend REST, is employed and provides our clients with extensive trust accounting capability in handling all aspects of commercial property management. Cash accounting is the default method and our typical reporting package includes the following:

  1. Owner end of month report
  2. End of financial year report
  3. Income ledger report
  4. Expense ledger report
  5. GST reconciliation report
  6. Tenancy schedule
  7. Tenancy and building inspection report

Rockend Rest provides a web based owner portal, allowing our landlords instant access to key financial reports relating to their portfolio via a personalised login and password.

Link Property Services has a dedicated trust account for our property management clients to ensure maximum transparency and ease of management of client funds. We also have a separate and distinct trust account to handle all sales and leasing deposits from our sales and leasing team, as well as a separate trust account to handle our clients marketing money for our sale and lease marketing campaigns.

All three trust accounts are audited annually by Anne Clark, Goodwin Chivas and Co, accredited accountants and auditors.

lease administration

Administration and management of your property is carried out in accordance to the lease and ensures lessee obligations are fully complied with Rockend Rest has a specified Portfolio Checker allowing a systematic approach to administering your portfolios key commercial terms & lessee obligations within each lease.