Link Property Services aims to make it easy for you to bring any problems or complaints to our attention.

A complaint does not need to be communicated in writing, but this is encouraged to facilitate effective management of the complaint, however if you would like to discuss your concerns informally first, please contact us on 02 8753 7333.

Complaints can be made in writing in the following manner:-

Att: Matthew Herrett
Email:       or      Postal: Unit 6, 8 Avenue of the Americas Newington NSW 2127

Please include the following details:

  • Your contact details
  • Verbal and written correspondence
  • Details of the issue and your preferred outcome, where applicable

Our promise to you

Throughout the complaint handling process, Link Property Services commits to the following principles:

  1. To act fairly and reasonably
  2. Listen to the complainant’s concerns
  3. Be efficient and fair
  4. Ask for and consider all relevant information when resolving a complaint
  5. Where an error or mistake in handling the complaint is identified, Link Property Services will initiate action to correct it
  6. All complaints must be treated as legitimate and investigated without prejudice
  7. Strive to resolve complaints in a consistent manner
  8. Confirm the agreed resolution and, where requested/required, provide the complainant with a copy of the agreement/documented resolution


Link Property Services will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within two business days.  We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and amicably, however this will depend on the nature and complexity of issues raised.

What Action will we take in response to your complaint?

There will be an element of assessment needed to determine the appropriate action, this may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Take steps to rectify the problem or issue you have raised
  2. Provide you with additional information or advice so you can understand what happened or how we have dealt with it
  3. Take steps to change our policies or procedures if your complaint identifies a problem in the way we are doing things


If you are still not happy with the outcome you may also make a complaint through NSW Fair Trading –