Have you ever wondered whilst sitting in peak hour gridlock on Sydney’s Motorways just how much it is actually costing you ?

A quick look at end to end toll costs might change the route that you drive !

In order to achieve as close as possible comparison between the M2 / M7 and the M4 and the M5 we must highlight the fact that the M4 currently spits you out at Parramatta Rd Concord leaving you to fight your way along Parramatta Rd for another 12 kms before reaching the CBD

If we started our journey in a car on the M4 at The Lighthorse Interchange Eastern Creek & headed east we would travel 25 km before reaching the end of the line at a current cost of $4.56, or 18 cents / km.

If we took the more southerly Motorway and joined the M5 at Camden Valley Way Casula and travelled 40 kms through to William St Sydney we are handing over $11.78 for the single way trip, or 29 cents / km.

Heading northward and joining the M7 at Richmond Rd Plumpton and navigating our way through to Bridge St Sydney we are forking out a massive $19.10 per one way trip, or a toll equivalent to 42 cents / km.  If you think this is bad then spare a thought for our truckies who are slugged $49.48 for the same ride.

For those doing the daily commute – then you have to get home again. 5 days / week. 48 weeks a year.  Maybe public transport is not looking so bad after all ?

To calculate your daily grind, have a look on the website : www.rms.nsw.gov.au/sydney.motorways/toll.calculator/



Author: Jeff Pond. 

Jeff is a Partner at Link Property Services and is based in our Silverwater office.