Expanded polystyrene panels.  Many industrial units, shops, factories etc contain an element of EPS panel construction. Whether it be a functioning coolroom, a previous coolroom converted to storage, office panelling, dividing walls etc. etc.  the ubiquitous EPS panel wall pops up in many places and for many reasons. BE AWARE- insurers specifically look to underwrite their EPS exposures. Make no mistake this is a product that insurers avoid and in many cases, where the surface area % exceed certain thresholds, many insurers will simply decline to insure. It is considered so high risk that depending on a properties % of EPS they may only be able to arrange insurance through a ‘specialist’ EPS insurer or underwriting facilities.  There are varying forms of ‘sandwich panelling’  and some are more fire retardant than others (Mineral Fibre cores) however these are uncommon.  The typical sandwich panel is EPS and whilst it may present a cheap cost solution to many needs it could very well be something that affects your insurance premiums and/or cover provided following a fire.