Link Property Services says thank you to the generous donations from clients, friends and family, making STEPtember 2016 our most successful campaign yet. Participating for the third consecutive year, the Link Property Services partners,  Jeff, Matt, Mark and Artie (team LinkItUp) and for the first time, our amazing Link kids team Aminah, Sammy, Harlen and Felise (LinkItUp Kids – For Eva.K) were tireless in their efforts.  No surprises that our team of little feet travelled some impressive distances over the course of the campaign – doing us proud,  even our big kids were smashing those step counts, notably Jeff Pond  achieving 55,580 steps in a single day.

Both teams were relentless in achieving their  10,000 steps per day for the 28 consecutive days in September .  The Link team managed to raise a huge $16,166.26 during the campaign, which saw the Link team’s fundraising effort being 9th place overall in Australia and 12th worldwide, beating their own efforts of previous years.  The STEPtember campaign raised approximately $4.19m in Australia and $6.08m internationally for people living with Cerebral Palsy.

So, as we close STEPtember for 2016, to you we say – THANK YOU!  Your generosity is overwhelming and very much appreciated!