If you don’t look after your body…
One of my favourite sayings when working with clients as a Personal Trainer is –
“If you don’t look after your body, where will you live?” Not only where will you live, but where will you work ? Being successful in business isn’t easy and you need to be clear minded and alert to operate at your best.
I believe a clear mind can only be achieved with a healthy body to support it.  The healthy body / healthy mind balance. I am a strong advocate in a work / life balance and the mind / body balance is essential to achieve this.
A few good tips I enjoy relaying to clients that believe they are too time poor to fit in an exercise class : Would you rather NOT eat that packet of chips than go cycling for 60 minutes to burn it off ? Would you rather NOT eat that choc chip muffin than jog for 6 kms to burn it off ?
Everything in moderation, and take the stairs – its not that hard !
Whilst in business Link Property Services continues to grow from strength to strength, so does our ability to enjoy a healthy life outside of work and spend valued time with family and friends.
Jeff Pond is a Partner at Link Property Services & Qualified Personal Trainer at Busibodies Health & Fitness.