The proposed M9 motorway (the outer Sydney orbital) would see a huge increase in activity and values across the various industrial markets it is identified to service.

The construction of the various motorway networks throughout western Sydney over the past 20 years has consistently reflected an increase in demand and hence values of industrially-zoned land.

The first real indication of the need for large businesses in western Sydney to be located within easy reach of a motorway was in the early 1990s just prior to the opening of the final stage of the M4 Motorway – “the missing link” , connecting Mays Hilland Prospect in western Sydney.

The surrounding new industrial release areas of Arndell Park and Huntingwood suddenly became hugely popular transforming idle rural land into big lot industrial precincts that attracted large-scale industry from more expensive inner Sydney locations. One of the first corporates to relocate an operation to Arndell Park on the corner of Great Western Highway and Doonside Road was Brambles who, at the time, purchased a six-hectare site and developed it as a transport depot which is today occupied by Toll. The large lots in the Arndell Park precinct were trading at about $50 per square metre then, compared to $300- $350 per square metres in today’s marke

The M2 motorway followed suit in 1993 with a spike in demand for locations such as Macquarie Park which was still at the time referred to as North Ryde Industrial, and Seven Hills at the then end of the motorway.

The significance of the M7 opening in 2005 was again clearly evidenced in the massive surge of industrial business relocation to Eastern Creek and Erskine Park sitting at the intersection of the M4 & M7 – a trend which continues unabated nearly 10 years later.

The M9 is proposed to provide improvements in access to industrial locations such as Glendenning and Marsden Park which sit nearby the planned M2/M7 & M9 interchange. I believelocations such as these will see huge benefit from the additional infrastructure and represent excellent value for money in today’s terms for astute investors.

Further along the M9, industrial locations including Windsor and current small lot land releases such as Waterside Corporate in Penrith will reap the benefits of their share of the recently announced $5.5 billion roads package which includes funding for the M9.

Posted: 16 April 2015