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market updates

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2018 q1 market update – michael mileto, sales & leasing executive, link property services

Please click on the link to view our Q1 market update.


2017 q4 market update – mark cadman, partner, link property services

Please click on the link to view our Q4 market update.


2017 q3 market update – artie kalpidis, partner, link property services

South Sydney market on the move !  For a detailed Q3 wrap up of the south Sydney marketplace click to view.


2017 q1 market update – paul mileto, sales and leasing executive, link property services

Take a moment to be informed by Paul Mileto on the state of the industrial market in Link Property Services Q1 review.

2016 q4 market update – partners of link property services.

The Partners of Link Property Services (Matt, Jeff, Artie and Mark) giving us a market wrap up from the partners at Link Property Services in 2016.

2016 q3 market update – chris sully, senior executive, link property services.

Today I would like to give you a quick update on the South Sydney market. The South Sydney market continues to be an incredibly strong leasing and sale market for industrial and commercial space.

2016 q2 market update – matthew herrett, partner link property services.

Investors continue to have an appetite for quality industrial property, a sustained low interest rate environment and relativity strong Australian economy coupled with a genuine lack of credible alternatives sees investment demand to outweigh supply. Jan-March has seen an increase in demand from owner-occupiers and tenants.