Enth Degree Project, Mende Seljanoski

We had outgrown our current facility so were in desperate need of a larger property with restriction on location & at the right price of course. Paul worked tirelessly on the challenge for us, we spoke regularly throughout the entire process & most importantly he kept me up to date on progress.

Paul always took my calls, day or night. We had some highs & lows with losing what I thought was the perfect property, but Paul never gave up and found the actual perfect property. This was the perfect fit for our business. It had it all, the space we required, along with room to grow in the future, it was in the right area and within our budget.

The service didn’t end there, Paul assisted with the tedious job of the make good process before handover, he also was able to sublease another smaller facility that we no longer required. It is clear from this experience that Paul is more than willing to go the extra mile for his clients and this level of service is priceless to me.

It has been over 18 months since Paul completed the sale & we continue to liaise on a regular basis with new opportunities that arise.

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