The Stick Shed” is located in Muratoa, a small town north-east of Horsham in Victoria’s western district and is one of the most interesting and unusual building in Australia. It is the largest rustically-built structure in the world, being the only one of its type left, although there were many others erected around Southern and Western Australia during WW2 when they were used as temporary storage for wheat, which could not be exported at the time.

The Stick Shed is 265 metres long, 60.5 metres wide and 19-20 metres high, with the entire corrugated roof supported by 600 unmilled mountain ash poles straight from the bush, set in a concrete slab floor and braced with iron tied rods.

When construction was completed in 1942, the “Stick Shed” was used by the Victorian Grain Elevators Board (now GrainCorp) until 1989 when the condition of the shed and improved handling regulations rendered the “Stick Shed” economically unviable.

It is currently under protection from Heritage Victoria (since 1992), and is noted in the Australian heritage listings.


Source: Leigh Hammerton